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Owner Valerie Gembecki has worked in the construction industry all of her adult life and is now fully entrenched in the permit expediting business. Valerie's experience stems from working for General Contractors, to partnering in ownership of a well established Masonry Company, to operating Gulf Life Permitting since early 2009.


Realizing a need for a service to help guide companies through the time-consuming and often aggravating permitting process, she started with just herself and her knowledge of the field.  Since then she has grown the company substantially. Adding proficient staff members has enabled her to have a broader service area up and down the southern Gulf Coast.


Craig Gembecki, after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in finance, teamed up with his mother to help with the continuous growth of the company. Initially, he managed Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, and DeSoto counties for the company, as well as all Cape Coral permitting.  He now shares in the financial management of the company and business development as he works remotely.  He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the company, bringing great balance to the family business.


Chris Horn, another Florida State graduate joined the team in October 2012. Currently, he is handling all of Lee County, including Bonita Springs and the Beach branches.  A friend to the family for many years, Chris was hired for his "get the job done" positive attitude.   Customers and Building Department staff equally, have taken a quick liking to Chris for his extremely efficient, yet laid back, polite demeanor.  Never is a task too big, or too small.


Erin Cameron came to us from the design industry.  Her past work in sales, and her experience in reading blueprints, make her an automatic fit with the permitting world. Erin currently manages Cape Coral and Fort Myers and Sanibel beaches along with Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Having worked for the company now in every municipality, her wide knowledge base and versatility is a great asset to the company and our customers.









Gulf LIfe Permitting Services, LLC - Our company provides a reliable and affordable alternative in obtaining building permits. From the simplest of trade permits, to the perplexing task of larger commercial projects, we are able to complete the process from initial application consultation through the certificate of completion.  We provide the convenience of to-your-door pick-up and delivery, and a single point-of-service for information regarding local requirements, status, and permitting costs.


Maximize your expediting potential by taking advantage of our expertise and the contacts we have made over years of service in the industry.  Whether you are a Contractor, Developer, Sub-Contractor, Engineer, Design Professional, or Owner-Builder, we can help you through the complete permitting process.  We are your permitting partner.



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